martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Billie Holiday - Fine and Mellow

CBS's "The Sound of Jazz" 1957. Con Ben Webster (aka Frog) and Lester Young (saxo), Vic Dickenson (trombón), Gerry Mulligan (saxo barítono), Coleman Hawkins (saxo tenor), Roy Eldridge (trompeta), Doc Cheatham, Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, Mal Waldron.
video ; letra

I'll be a good wife to you if it means anything to you
I'll stay home every night and I'll love you
And kiss you every night and one of these days
If you're good to me honey one of these day
If God is good to me I'll bring you a little burny

Más info y el video completo en este enlace.