sábado, 5 de julio de 2008

Animal Collective - Water Curses

video ;letra

I want to be like water and slip into your throat
and make you feel alive and good

I want to be like water and never have a doubt and
reflect what is around my pool

jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

Black Eye Peas - My Hump

video ; letra
You can look but you can't touch it,
If you touch it I'ma start some drama,
You don't want no drama,
No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

martes, 1 de julio de 2008

Ashford & Simpson - Solid

video ; letra

You didn’t turn away
When the sky went gray
Somehow we managed
We had to stick together (Ooh…ooh…ooh…ooh…)

domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

Sugababes - About you now

videoclip ; letra

Theres a mountain between us
But theres one thing I'm sure of
That I know how I feel
About you